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Circles of Support

Circles of Support are a tool to make social inclusion work for people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses, vulnerable children and families, young people in foster care, single young parents, people living with the risk of domestic violence, and others struggling with social isolation. By building an intentional circle of support around a person, comprising friends,  neighbours, family, shopkeepers, drivers and support workers, real connections and communities can be built.

We would like to hear from individuals and organisations around the country interested in developing Circles of Support in their community.

And we'd like to hear from people who are already participating in or running Circles of Support, so we can share experiences and information and assist others to start up.

We want to make it as easy as possible to find out how Circles of Support might be able to transform the lives of people close to us.

Register your interest in participating by using the form below.

If you would like to join our National Steering Group to guide the development of Circles of Support, please tick the box below.

Further information:

Vern Hughes
0425 722 890

Circles of Support
Registration of Interest Form



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  I am interested in Circles of Support but am not currently
participating in one.

  I am currently participating in a Circle of Support.

  I am currently facilitating or hosting a Circle (or Circles) of Support.

  I am interested in joining the National Steering Group
of the Circles of Support Project.

                                        Tick the boxes in the areas where you are interested in Circles:

  Mental illness 
  Young parent
  School student
  Vulnerable child

  Domestic violence
Refugee/asylum seeker
  Young person in foster care
  Foster care family

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