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Family-Friendly Communities

Family-Friendly Communities is an initiative of parents, families and carers who aim to develop their neighbourhood, town or locality as a village in which to raise a child or care for others across generations.

Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child. The problem is our villages are disappearing, and we are losing our connection with the way villages once functioned. We have to re-learn what a family-friendly community is and how it can support children, parents and older people and revive the practice of reciprocal and practical care in informal and communal settings.

Some government programs such as Communities for Children attempted to do this in recent years but failed, unsurprisingly, since they focussed solely on service delivery agencies and not on parents, families and carers and their relationships. Villages are never created in this way.

We are interested in neighbourhoods, towns or localities in which a critical mass of interested parents, families and carers come together to create mutual supports for themselves. These may be small or big: they may comprise playgroups, baby-sitting clubs, or lone parent support groups; or they may try to solve a local safety or childcare or transport problem; or they may connect elderly people living alone with young people nearby.

They may use tools such as Circles of Support, Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, or HomeShare; or they may focus on weekly shared meals or other informal connections. But the aim in every activity is to build personal and social relationships, intentional networks of support, and reciprocal forms of care.

We would like to hear from individuals and organisations around the country interested in developing Family-Friendly Communities (FFC) in their locality.

Where we receive a critical mass of interest from the same locality, with a concentration of members of Parents Families Carers, we will take steps to initiate a process of getting people together, exploring options and developing a local plan.

We have set an initial threshold figure of 20 parents, families or carers as the minimum number required for initiation of a local FFC process.

We'd also like to hear from organisations, businesses or services who may like to support a Family-Friendly Community in their locality. This may take the form of a business that provides a meeting space or eating facility (cafe or pub); a service club that may support the process locally; or a community service that may wish to assist the project. We invite groups, businesses and organisations to express their interest.

Register your interest in participating by using the form below.

Further information:
Vern Hughes
0425 722 890

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