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Centre for Civil Society

The Centre for Civil Society was formed in 2007. It is a a public policy and social innovation institute, established to strengthen civil society and empower ordinary people.

The Centre is both a think tank and a social movement. Most think tanks in Australia and overseas are formed by organisations on the Right or the Left of politics who have money to spend commissioning and then publishing information in order to advance the interests of their backers. Big business, trade unions, and universities sponsor and fund most think tanks, and they do so with money that is usually not their own (big business uses shareholders' money, trade unions use their members' money, and universities use taxpayers' money).

The Centre for Civil Society has been established to promote an agenda of empowerment for people with little money or institutional backing. People in civil society - who are not part of powerful institutional, industrial or provider interests - are relatively powerless and invisible in public affairs - families, consumers, carers, communities, volunteers, the aged, modest owners of assets, and independent owners. This makes the Centre a very different creature from every other think tank in the country.

Our core values are:

relationships and social capital
ethical conduct

The Centre relies on donations from ordinary people and income generated from events and projects.

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